Storytelling Films

A silly made-up song and dance. Uncontrollable laughter. A mispronounced word. As awesome as photography is, it can't do everything. It can't capture the sound of your son saying 'nimutes' instead of 'minutes'. It can't replay those newborn coos or that toddler belly laugh. It can't replay your kids saying 'I love you'.

But video can.

Imagine filling your walls with images of your family jumping, playing, laughing, living AND having video of those moments. I'm talking about home videos reinvented in a way that captures the essence of your favorite people, guaranteed to make you ugly cry. We'll get you, The Family Photographer, out from behind your camera and finally in the videos too. Afterall, you're going to need something to watch while you drown your sorrows in ice cream the day your kids move out.

Sit back, relax and check out a few videos here.

The Details

Video coverage is an additional service. The prices here are added to the cost of a regular session.

Storytelling Sessions

Family, Maternity, Newborn, Event

Fusion Film or Full Film



Fusion Film or Full Film


A Day in the Life

Fusion Film or Full Film



What's the difference between a Fusion Film and a Full Film?

Fusion Films combine both the still photographs and video clips from your session. Full Films include only video clips. If you choose a Full Film, I will prioritize getting video clips during your session and you recieve a slightly smaller gallery of images.

How long will my film be?

Between 2-4 minutes for a Storytelling Session and around 5 minutes for A Day in the Life or Birth.

Can I have a session with ONLY video? I really don't care about photographs for this particular occasion.

Absolutely! Since I won't have to stop to take photographs, I will very likely end your session with more video footage and be able to make a longer film for you.

Can I pick the music?

Unfortunately, no. I license the music used in your film and most popular songs are either unavailable for licensing or are really expensive. I promise the song I choose will make you cry though.

What kind of timeline can I expect?

After I receive your inquiry, I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your family a bit better. We will discuss scheduling and payment at this time. After I receive your signed contract and non-refundable retainer, you will secure your spot on my calendar. 3-4 weeks after your session you will recive a link to your gallery online where you can download your images and a link to download your video.

Can I share my video?

Of course! That's the best part, right? I will give you a link to your video on Vimeo so you can share a high definition version of your video on social media.

What am I going to do with a family video?

Watch it constantly! That's what I do at least. You can't print a copy of your film and hang it on your wall or put it in an album, but you can keep a copy on your phone and on your computer. Watch it when you're missing your family, watch it with your kids a year after your session, watch it on birthdays and anniversaries. You need a slideshow for your kid's graduation party and wedding, right? I think you get the idea.


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