Maternity and Newborn Storytelling Sessions

If there's one stage in life that makes you really understand how fast time flies by, it's when a new baby joins the family. To be fair, those last few months of pregnancy last three times longer than normal, but as soon as you give birth, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Not feeling great while pregnant? Don't worry! Looking back at pictures, especially ones taken by a professional, will make you feel like Mother Earth Birthing Goddess. You will spend such a short amount of your life pregnant and our memories are so unreliable that it's worth capturing the story of your baby while they're still growing inside of you.

Once your little nugget is here, time picks right back up. It actually speeds up since it has to make up for when it slowed during your pregnancy. I'll come over and make sure you never forget those early, foggy days. Sibling bonding, juggling cups of coffee and baby bottles, and the never ending eat-sleep-poop cycle. Trying to keep up on documenting all of the amazing Firsts and changing family dynamics while you're sleep deprived might just drive you crazy. Sit back, relax, sunggle your baby and let me take care of that all from the comfort of your own home.

If you think your ovaries can handle it, check out a few newborn sessions here.

The Details

Prepping for Baby

1.5-2 hour documentary style maternity session

60-80 High Resolution Digital Images

Print Release



1.5-2 hours of shooting 12-48 hours after delivery

60-80 High Resolution Digital Images

Print Release

25 Birth Announcements


In Home

1.5-2 hours of shooting

60-80 High Resolution Digital Images

Print Release

25 Birth Announcements


Book a Maternity and Newborn session together and save $50.

And if you feel like your ovaries can handle it, add video coverage to your session.


Do I have to scrub my house?

Heck no! I’m a master at hiding clutter and messes. While I love clean lines and beautifully decorated homes, it is never a requirement for amazing photos. Check out this blog post for some piece of mind.

What should we wear?

Whatever you’re comfortable wearing. No need to match. I think we all have at least one family photo with everyone wearing jeans and white shirts taken some time in the 90s. If you want your images to look a bit more polished, I would suggest avoiding logos on clothes as they can be distracting. Also, neon colors can be really difficult to photograph.

I need help figuring out what to plan! I feel like we don't do anything interesting.

We take care of this during the consultation. I have a questionnaire for you to fill out that gives me some insights into your family values and normal routines. From there, I’ll give some suggestions about what I think would make for a really awesome session. One thing to keep in mind, what we do isn’t that important. The activities we plan are largely used for facilitating interactions and genuine emotions.

Can I invite some of my extended family over during the session?

Yes, please! Grandparents, family from out of town, your best friend, if they’re important to you and you want to include them, they’re welcome to come. Just let me know ahead of time so I can plan for it.

Speaking of extended family, Grandma and Grandpa reaaaaally want a shot of all of us to hang on their wall. Is there time for this during my session?

Absolutely! I definitely understand the value of a 'sit and smile' shot and occasionally even want them for myself. At some point during your session, I will gather everyone together on a couch or bed or the front porch and get a group shot for the grandparents. It might feel torturous to your kids, but this takes less than 5 minues.

What kind of timeline should I expect?

After I receive your inquiry, I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your family a bit better. We will discuss scheduling and payment at this time. After I receive your signed contract and non-refundable retainer, you will secure your spot on my calendar. 2-3 weeks after your session you will recive a link to your gallery online where you can download your images. For newborn sessions, you will choose your top 5 images for birth announcements and I will send you proofs within a week. After you pick your favorite birth announcement design, I will place your order and you will have your announcements 2-4 weeks later.

Can I post my pictures on Facebook?

Definitely! You’ll get two albums, one for print and one for posting online. Use the web ones that have my watermark and have been resized to look their best online. Tagging my business page is also super appreciated!

Will be able to print my pictures?

Yep! Your print release is include in the price of the session.


When should we schedule?

Ideally, somewhere between 32-36 weeks. Earlier or later is fine as long as YOU are comfortable and still pregnant.

What are some things that we can do during our session?

If you already have kids, an in home session can be centered around prepping the baby's room, reading 'Big Sibling' books and relishing in a daily routine that will soon be turned upside down. If this is your first baby, then a calm session at home with just your partner setting up baby gear or folding baby clothes can be super sweet. You can also choose to have a session out of your home, a quiet pre-baby coffee date and trip to a baby store would be fun! These sessions are all about preserving the weeks of anticipation and calm before your new baby arrives.


When should we schedule?

Because we’re not worried about keeping baby asleep the whole time, scheduling is up to you. Some babies get acne around 2 weeks so if that's something that would bother you, than scheduling before 2 weeks or after 4 is a good idea.

What types of things are normal for these sessions?

Everything that’s normal for babies! I photograph diaper changes, bottle and breastfeeding, rocking, snuggling, interactions with siblings, maybe a bath in the sink or a walk around the block.

What if baby is fussy?

No problem! I photograph real life. If baby is fussy, then I’ll get pictures of you feeding her, of dad rocking her, of big sis reading to her. Sessions last 1-2 hours so baby will also likely calm down during the time that I’m there.


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