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My Photography BFF – Family Photography and Videography

Way back when I started to get serious about photography and found myself gravitating toward documentary family photography, a friend linked me to Colie James Photography’s website. *Insert heart eyes emoji* Nicole was my photography soul mate. A few months after I started following her work, she taught a workshop ‘Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography’ […]

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A Springy Saturday – Lifestyle Family Videography

  Sometimes when I meet new people or I visit someone’s house for the first time, I want to run home and grab my camera. Expressive faces, displays of affection, soft light spilling into a room and striking architecture (to name just a few things) all inspire me to shoot. When I met Janelle and […]

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A Learning Session – Lifestyle Photography Mentoring

  I mentioned on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago that I recently brought a student of mine from Poland to a family Storytelling Session. The purpose of this session was to give her a chance to learn more about telling other peoples’ stories. We walked through my entire workflow (before, during and […]

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