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Second Pregnancy, Month 9 and a Birth Story

  I’m a little behind getting this update posted. I ended up having a baby before I could post this last month and well, that slowed things down a lot. The last month of my pregnancy was actually pretty great. Physically, I needed naps almost daily and my hips and back started to act up […]

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Second Pregnancy, Month 8

  The countdown has begun! I am officially in my last month of pregnancy… according to my due date at least. Silas came at 41 weeks so I’m not holding my breath for an early baby. It definitely feels like the last month of pregnancy. I need naps in the afternoon, my hips and back […]

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Second Pregnancy, Month 7

  Only two more months to go! At this point it’s hard to ignore the massive impact being pregnant is having on my life. My belly is constantly getting in the way. I can’t just suck it in and squeeze past anything anymore. It’s also getting progressively harder to breathe. The baby is up so […]

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