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90 Seconds 2017- Family Photography Mentoring

  Another year, another 90 Second Challenge. That’s 90 seconds with just me, my camera and each of my boys. You’d think that shooting for only 90 seconds (180 total) would mean that I could do these at least quarterly, but no. If I can do these only once a year, then I’ll call it […]

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90 Seconds – Online Lifestyle Photography Mentoring

  As a storytelling photographer, it’s rare that I get straightforward portraits from my boys. None of us really have the patience for it. A few years ago, I learned about the 90 Second Challenge and found that it was the perfect marriage of my style and traditional portraits. It’s a simple idea. You sit […]

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Happy Birthday – Seattle Tacoma Child Photographer

  A few months ago I did a 90 second shoot with my son and I decided then that I would do it on a semi-regular basis. What better time to do another 90 second shoot than Silas’ second birthday? I really love the idea of doing this on each birthday to be able to […]

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