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90 Seconds – Online Lifestyle Photography Mentoring

  As a storytelling photographer, it’s rare that I get straightforward portraits from my boys. None of us really have the patience for it. A few years ago, I learned about the 90 Second Challenge and found that it was the perfect marriage of my style and traditional portraits. It’s a simple idea. You sit […]

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Happy Birthday – Seattle Tacoma Child Photographer

  A few months ago I did a 90 second shoot with my son and I decided then that I would do it on a semi-regular basis. What better time to do another 90 second shoot than Silas’ second birthday? I really love the idea of doing this on each birthday to be able to […]

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90 Second Shoot – Tacoma Documentary Photographer

  I came across a photography challenge recently, the 90 Second Shoot, and was encouraged to try it with my son. The idea behind the 90 Second Shoot is to shoot continuously for a minute and a half to capture the insane variety of faces kids make. It wasn’t easy, but I really wanted to […]

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