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365 – Week 32

  [218/365] They think that every body of water is there for the swimming. Every single one. [219/365] Working on our yearly 90 second challenge. These boys didn’t disappoint. [220/365] Rainy summer days are the worst. [221/365] When you have to share a drink with your sibling so you both drink it as fast as […]

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365 – Week 31

  [211/365] I think I might be more impressed with the Dutch playgrounds and amusement parks than the kids. [212/365] Don’t go! [213/365] Out of all of the places in and around our house to play in, they choose the nook under the stairs. Channeling their inner Harry Potter? [214/365] We went on a hike […]

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365 – Week 30

  [204/365] It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re eating, if you have food, he will demand a bite. [205/365] But Mom, how can it be bedtime if the sun is still up? [206/365] No shame in my game. [207/365] The fruits -er- vegetables of our labor. [208/365] Yeah, teamwork! But uh, what […]

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