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365 – Week 24

[162/365] A full day in airports and flying and then we’ll be home! [163/365] Reunited and it feels so good! [164/365] Can’t say I missed the fighting. [165/365] The pool is opened! [166/365] I don’t know… looks like summer to me! [167/365] Hey. Hey. Hey. Look what I can do! [168/365] This kid and his […]

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365 – Week 23

  [155/365] He sat quietly for 6 whole seconds. [156/365] It was a witching hour miracle. [157/365] First one at the table, last one to leave. [158/365] The quietest cup of coffee I’ve had in almost a month. [159/365] My majestic little butterfly. [160/365] Arlo wants a big sister now. Please and thank you. [161/365] […]

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365 – Week 22

  [148/365] When it’s too hot for clothes, but you’re worried your feet might get wet. [149/365] There’s no such thing as too much screen time when you’re away from home for an extended trip. [150/365] He definitely asked for that muffin that’s sitting there uneaten. [151/365] Hey! Let’s let the kids play where there’s […]

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