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90 Seconds 2017- Family Photography Mentoring

  Another year, another 90 Second Challenge. That’s 90 seconds with just me, my camera and each of my boys. You’d think that shooting for only 90 seconds (180 total) would mean that I could do these at least quarterly, but no. If I can do these only once a year, then I’ll call it […]

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365 – Week 32

  [218/365] They think that every body of water is there for the swimming. Every single one. [219/365] Working on our yearly 90 second challenge. These boys didn’t disappoint. [220/365] Rainy summer days are the worst. [221/365] When you have to share a drink with your sibling so you both drink it as fast as […]

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365 – Week 31

  [211/365] I think I might be more impressed with the Dutch playgrounds and amusement parks than the kids. [212/365] Don’t go! [213/365] Out of all of the places in and around our house to play in, they choose the nook under the stairs. Channeling their inner Harry Potter? [214/365] We went on a hike […]

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