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Happy Anniversary Sale

  November 28, 2011, my first son was born and I bought an entry-level DSLR. I spent the next year and a half tearing through Google trying desperately to gain control over my camera. There was an urgency to document the rapidly changing stages of my son’s life in a way that I couldn’t have […]

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Available Light Part 3 : Troubleshoot It

  So now you know how to see the light. You know how to set your white balance, where to place your subjects and how to expose for the light based on its intensity. But your images STILL aren’t coming out the way you want. In this post we’ll cover some common issues that you may […]

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Available Light Part 2 : Use It

  Now that we’ve covered the three main components of light that you need to consider when taking a picture (Part 1), it’s time to talk about how to use them to make your visions come to life.     Color Once you’ve determined the color or temperature of light that you’re shooting in, you […]

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