Hey there!

I'm Kayla, the only girl in my house of boys.

Once upon a time we were told not to talk to strangers on the internet, but if I tell you a bit about me, that means we're not strangers, right?

I come from a family of 9 kids. Yes, 9 kids. Yes, all with the same father and no, I don't want a big family. My husband is in the US Air Force and 8 years in, we've been fortunate enough to only have lived in two places. First Tacoma, Wa and now The Netherlands. I'm actually half Dutch so the move out here felt like a return to the motherland. Having such a large family and living so far away sparked my obsession with photographing daily life (ours and yours) after my oldest son was born almost 6 years ago.

Before I pick up my camera everyday, I have coffee. After I put my camera down, I have more coffee. Coffee is life. So is Harry Potter. I have an 'Espresso Patronum' tattoo on my arm if you were doubting my commitment. And my tagline, Capture Magic. That is definitely a shout out to HP.

I'm sarcastic, introverted, and optimistic with a dash of cynicism. I try not to take myself too seriously so I regularly look through the pictures I took when I was just starting out. My poor first born has such awful pictures. They're laughably bad. If you're in the same position, don't feel bad. I'll photograph your family today and then teach you how to document your everyday so you can fill in the gaps when I'm not there.

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