A Little Bit About Me


Hi! I’m Kayla.DSCF8513

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I am a reader, a writer and a photographer. Home will always be San Diego, though I lived in the PNW for five years and now live in the Netherlands.

I knew my husband was something special the night we met and I am currently following him all over the world.

I watched the births of six of my siblings at home. Some of them watched me give birth to my first son in my old bedroom. My second son was born at home in the Netherlands in true Dutch fashion.

I am visibly tattooed, I have unconventional piercings and I always want more. One of my tattoos is a Harry Potter quotation; I’m slightly obsessed.

Once upon a time I had plans to become a counselor and earned my B.S. in Psychology. When I made the decision to start a family instead of going to graduate school, I found myself heading down a much different path, a path that led me here.

I love documenting real life. The in-between moments, the moments that make up 90% of our lives, the moments that show us at our best and our worst, are the moments I live for.


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