365 – Week 19


[127/365] I don’t think I’ve been away from Silas for more than a day or two in his entire life and next week I leave him for 4 weeks. At this point, I’m not above bribery to get some pictures with him that I can save and stare at on my phone.


[128/365] Bed time or something.


[129/365] Busted lip that requires stitches? No problem, brother. I’ll take care of you.


[130/365] Three stitches


[131/365] Plants, peanut butter and peek-a-boo.


[132/365] If naked toddlers bother you, maybe don’t come over to my house for at least the next year.


[133/365] Getting stitches hasn’t made him more careful; it only served to embolden him. The way he sees it, he’s getting a cool scar and it didn’t hurt that bad.



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